My great 3,700 mile journey across America begins June 18, 2006 in Astoria, Oregon and ends August 7, 2006 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Visit often and read my journal updates! Above photo taken while on "Ride The Rockies Ride", June '05.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day 48 journal Troy, NY to Brattleboro, VT

I biked 77.5 miles today. At route rap last night staff Jim (our mechanic) gave a nice overview of today’s ride. He lives in this area and Vermont is his home state. He had us all looking forward to this ride. And it was wonderful!! What fun it was to be back on the ups and downs. Our legs hadn’t had a work out like this since back in the Rapid City, South Dakota area. We left New York and entered Vermont. Amazing that we could cross a state in just a few hours. Helps that we are traveling across the narrowest part. The weather was absolutely PERFECT today. What a welcome relief from the heat, wind and humidity. The sun was shining and our spirits really were lifted all day. It was a day to savor. After the first SAG stop Chuck and I started out just ahead of Peg. After a little while I couldn’t see her behind us, and figured she had stopped to take a photo. Chuck and I stopped at the Vermont state line and took photos and waited a while for Peg, but figured she was taking some time to look at scenery. We started out slow and in a while were in the town of Bennington, VT. It was such a perfect day to linger and there and just feel and see the flavor of this town that has so much personality. We found a coffee shop and sat outside and watched the people walk by and our fellow cyclists stopping and cycling slowly through the narrow streets. It wasn’t long until Peg showed up and here she was way behind because she had a flat tire. Eberhardt stopped to help her change it. Later she found out it wasn’t because she ran over anything but that the valve stem on the tube was faulty and sprang a leak. Continuing we came to another wonderful little Vermont town (these places are all so old, from the early 1700’s!) called Wilmington. I remember eating the best piece of pie there. And sure enough I found the same cute café with outdoor seating. Recumbent Jim was already there and had tasted the raspberry pie. I took agreed it was darn tasty. Crust was too thick though, and so Jim begged to finish that off!

We had 10 miles of climbing today that was up to hogback mountain pass. What a great view of the distant hills we had when reaching the summit. Then it was a fantastic down hill ride all the way into Brattleboro, VT. We stopped in a bicycle shop to “check it out” and then on to the hotel. After I check in I saw Peg and asked her if she wanted to go back to get a little bite to eat – and so we ended up at a Friendly’s.

The excitement is building!! Only two days left to go. God is Good, and I have been greatly blessed. All thanks are to God for our safe and happy journey.


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